Winter School 2023

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What is Winter School?

The Karamea Winter School is a month of Knowledge Sharing workshops held in June each year. Anyone can be a Tutor and the workshops are free to attend. There are similar workshops happening throughout the country but what makes our workshops unique is that we do not outsource for tutors. We  rely on the creative residents of our community and those with strong connections to Karamea to offer their knowledge and skills.  We won the Trustpower Volunteer Award in 2017. Our concept has been taken up by Charleston, who had their first Winter School last year.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What type of thing can I teach?

Whilst previous Winter Schools have been predominantly Arts And Crafts based, you are free to offer a workshop in anything you like. You may have a practical skill you are prepared to teach, or you may have a philosophy you would like to share, or been on an adventure you would like to tell us about. Some of the workshops in previous years have been Drawing, Felting, Dancing, Cooking, Knife Sharpening, Plant identification, Astronomy, Astrology and Flax weaving.  

How is it possible for all the workshops to be free?

We believe that the volunteer nature of Winter School gives it a special feel. Tutors, Attendees, and the facilitators are all donating their time and we are all part of making it happen. There may be a fee to attend some workshops to directly cover the cost of any materials used. We receive funding from Creative Communities Buller for printing costs and venue hire for arts and crafts workshops. This money is specific to these costs and any not used must be returned.

I’d like to be a Tutor. What should I do?

There is a registration form on this page. We will need this information by Sunday April 30th.

For more information, please contact Kathy at or txt 020 4086 7054 or phone 7826 808 (evenings).

Thank you for your interest in tutoring a 2023 Winter School Workshop!

Please fill out the workshop details below (you must be logged in to access the form).

Fill out this form if you want to RUN/Host a workshop


We will work out the finer details of times, dates, and venues for workshops ONCE we know how many workshops there will be and what is required for each workshop.

Points to remember 

  • It all happens around the month of June.
  • We can help with sorting venues once we know what's required of everyone.
  • Workshop times are when it suits the tutor themselves (we will work around you). You are volunteering, so it should be at a time that is convenient for you.
  • We can help with things like projectors if needed.-Workshops don't have to have a large attendance to be successful, often small groups work well.
  • Workshops are either free, gold coin donation, or with a cost for materials only.
  • In most cases, we can help with venue hire.
  • Workshops can also be held at your own place if that is suitable.
Further information?  See our Facebook page:

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