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What is "Wild"

Wild is a collection of verified observations of plants, animals and fungus in our local area. Wild is intended as a learning tool to aid anyone interested in the identification of species in the Karamea area.  The collection was started in July 2021.

The collection includes species sighted from Kahurangi Point to Mōkihinui, and by no means is comprehensive, and does not list most things found in New Zealand generally.

How do I participate to expand the collection

  • You will need an iNaturalist NZ account and load observations on iNaturalist NZ.  iNaturalist NZ is fundamentally one of the most effective ways to really learn your stuff.
  • Contact us about joining the community.

What is the extent of the collection?

  • This was started in July 2021.  If you have a particular interest and would like to add stuff, join in!
  • Many hundreds of species are present in and around Karamea, however a great number cannot be simply identified from a photo.  For example, many, if not most fungus cannot be identified as a species without DNA work.  Even then, many hundreds or even thousands of fungi will not conform to the general notion of a "species".
  • The collection includes iNaturalist NZ "Research Grade" observations and are included with the consent of the observers.  Photographs are licensed as CC By-NC, are free to share, but are not to be used for commercial purposes.
  • The collection is continuously expanded with the cooperation of our community of local observers.  The more people that participate, the more robust the collection becomes.
  • For comprehensive information about various species, see the resources listed under Wild learning tools below.

Wild learning tools

Karamea sits on the edge of Kahurangi National Park. We have at our door a huge opportunity to learn and share about the unique natural world in this part of New Zealand. If you would like to dig in to learn about the wild environment around us, here are some great community learning resources:

iNaturalist NZ

This is seriously cool.  Don't have a personal expert to guide you in the field?  Even if you have, it would be hard to find a better learning tool for the wild life around your home.  Whatever you're in to; plants, birds, fungi, insects etc., you will find a very keen and supportive community on Inaturalist NZ.

iNaturalist NZ is a serious Citizen Science project. Professional scientists and researchers use iNaturalist NZ data. Get a free iNaturalist NZ account, start taking photos, load them up and learn your stuff…



This is another invaluable resource, highly recommended.  Detailed monographs and descriptions are presented for most NZ flora.

If you want to learn about New Zealand's beautiful ferns, this is the place to start.


New Zealand Plant Conservation Network


This is a invaluable resource, highly recommended.  Detailed monographs and descriptions are presented for most NZ flora.


Nelson Botanical Society

Top of the South native plant group

Do you want to know more about native plants of the top of the South Island and beyond? Nelson Botanical Society welcomes anyone with an interest in our beautiful and fascinating indigenous plants and fungi –– from complete beginners to those with knowledge to share.

Our members include expert botanists and other enthusiasts who are generous with their knowledge and can help you learn how to identify native plants. Botanical Society field trips and camps are wonderful opportunities to explore the region and learn about…

Observations - Kahurangi Point - Mōkihinui