Overnight road closure Karamea Highway 4-7th Oct 2023

Karamea Highway Closure 4-7th Oct 2023
Media Release - Overnight Road Closure: Karamea Highway ⚠️
The Karamea Highway will be closed overnight from Wednesday 4 October to Saturday 7 October for culvert replacement works 👷
The construction site is on the Karamea side of the bluff, approximately 4km north of Corbyvale and 1km south of the Seven Sisters 🚧
The highway will be closed at night from 6:30pm on Wednesday 4 October until 5:30am Saturday 7 October.
Traffic can only pass through the work site during 15 minute openings, which are set for 8pm, 10pm, midnight, 2am and 4am daily 🚗
The road will re-open each morning at 5:30am through to 6:30pm that evening.
Road opening will be under traffic management control, for single lane traffic 🚦
Outside of these times no traffic will be able to pass through due to construction machinery on the road.
For more information, see https://bit.ly/3PXXZEY
We apologise for the inconvenience to road users. If you have any queries, please contact Council on 0800 807 239.