Local Government

The Karamea region falls under the jurisdiction of the Buller District Council as well as the wider West Coast Regional Council.

Karamea is currently represented by Rosalie Sampson is elected from voters in the northern 'Seddon Ward'. Rosalie lives in Karamea.

A New Zealand Police Station exists within Karamea and the local Constable is Alan Kees.

Rhyso Sat, 20/05/2023 - 06:40

It would be appreciated if the local councillor and the local police constable (+BOT), were to read the Bill of Rights act. and ingest it.  Ensuring ALL of their duties carried out for us public by them as servants to us residents and citizens (their seniors ultimately), are a carried out in accordance with these basic laws, theor oaths and their employment contract. From here on in.

The mess you people made of our community with your overzealous and unlawful application of your authorities during the covid lockdown period, will not be forgotten and will indeed be addressed as the entire world reflects upon how we all failed during that period.

There is no escaping what you people did to us at the behest of criminal commands, so please...

Try to make up for it, because it is not going away.

You still have time to rectify your reputations, not by doubleing down, and at least pretending to care about the actual law, not  Marxist Ideologies. 

It is all on record.

Lest we forget.