Pudding Club 2022!

Event Cost
Attendance is free
Sun, Jul 3 2022, 6 - 8pm
In the spirit of keeping the tradition, I believe started by Chad Hyndman, alive, the infamous Pudding Club will be back from 6pm on 3rd July.

Everyone brings a pudding.
Everyone has a taste of all the puddings.
Everyone votes on the winner.
The crowd rejoices, and then waddles home. Will be held at the RSA
Hosts: Liz, Emilie, and the winter school vollies
Is there a cost for materials?: Attendance is free.
Is there a limit on numbers?: unlimted!
There will be incredible prizes for best pudding and best creation made with local ingredients!
What do I need to bring? Bring a pudding, and a list of ingredients.
Contact number: 02040031983
Other info: Cutlery and crockery provided. Feel free to bring anything you have made during Winter School to show.