Biggest garage sale - Karamea 2023

Sun, Apr 2 2023, 9am - 5pm
Karamea Domain & Pulse Energy hall
Event Cost


Everything you need to bring: Public and sellers - read list here.



Remember dalight savings... don't turn up at 8am!

Exactly same format and activities, just a day later.

Weather Saturday looked too wet.  Sunday looks fairly fine.


We'll crack on ahead on Sunday regardless of weather; there are indoor sites in the hall after all (clothing, books only).
Outdoor sellers; bring a tarp or cover for on the ground / over your items for any sporadic showers.  Let's not let a little shower or two ruin what's shaping up to be a super fun day! Sites marked 2m x 2m - take up two sites if need be.
PICNIC 12 noon: We will set up a plan B area inside the hall in case the ground is too wet to make a pleasant picnic area outdoors.
COMMUNITY PHOTO 2pm: We'll fire ahead, or work around any light showers if need be.
Further updates: Watch this event listing for further updates, for example ground movements may change slightly if the ground is too wet to have trailers remain throughout day, in which case we may change where large items / trailers go.

Facebook event listing: 

A Karamea Community event for everyone

Saturday April 1 - the big day. Event opens 9am
(Sellers: Large items bring in 8.30am. Everything else: Between 9am - 10am) 
Sunday April 2 - back up bad weather and remaining hall sites  

We're already hearing that there's LOADS of items people are going to put in the sale from vehicles to clothing, farm gear and surplus building materials to books, and random fun bits... bikes, surf boards, washing machines and fridges... you name it. What have you got hiding in the shed?

No need to register - just turn up and sell your stuff

Yes, you 'man' your own site. Unless it's a big item that's not a quick sale - you can just leave a sign on it with your phone number if you wish. Make sure you pick it up by 5pm if not sold! 

Buy, sell, swap, barter

We're providing a space and promotion; treat this like you would your own garage sale, but it's BIG and with LOTS of stuff plus we're hoping to get a big crowd there from around the West Coast so this is the time to get rid of all your spare treasures and surplus stuff.

10% of sales to local causes

Sellers: We've set up an admin system to make it easy, fair and transparent. We'll provide a sales sheet for you to jot down amounts. Hand in sheet before you leave, we'll tally the 10%, and text or email you with the amount to pay into KCI account for distribution to fundraising. Per local voting results, that 10% pool will be distributed: 42% to Karamea Pop Up Gallery. 35% to Karamea Centennial Museum. 23% to Karamea Civil Defence.
(Obviously no % taken if you swap items).

Donated items - You can donate items if you wish, of which 100% proceeds will go to a local fundraising cause of your choice - not just the 3 nominated. Drop off to Donated Items Zone - we have 3 volunteers who will 'man' this site. Items will be listed and proceeds distributed to your chosen cause. 

Payment options: It's a great idea to bring cash obviously but another way for larger amounts might be to pay online via your mobile banking app and show the seller the "transaction accepted" page - if the seller is comfortable with that. Not our call to make... just an idea. The $ amount still needs noting down on the scribble sheet we'll give you.


Event map and schedule  - see attached PDF info sheets.

Hall sites:
Reserved for clothing, books - some small weather dependent household items if raining.

Domain ground sites:
Everything else! See event map (PDF attached to this listing)

Grouped by: 

  • Large Items Sites - vehicles, machinery, large items on trailers in dark blue zone on map
  • General Sites - all general items and trailer loads of items (towing vehicles removed out to Parking) in pink sites on map.
Questions / want to help / get involved?

Contact Karamea Community Coordinator Jessie Creedmore:



Q: I have a large item that I don't think is a quick sale; do I have to stand there all day?
A: No, we don't expect you to stand around waiting for large items to sell. Pt a sign on it with your phone numbe ron it, and come pick up at 5pm if it hasn't sold.

Q: Do I need to register?
A: Nope - just turn up on the Saturday, either 8.30am for large items like vehicles, farm equipment and large trailer loads of gear, or 9am onwards for everything else. IF you have promotional stands you'd like to exhibit inside the hall (for example, Civil Defense have booked a spot) then please email us.

Q: I can't be there but I'd love to sell some stuff?
A: We can't 'man' multiple sites so you'll need to be there, or bribe a friend to sell on your behalf - or join in with someone else who's going to be selling there. If it's a large item that's not a quick sale you could leave a note with price and your phone number if you wish.

Q: What about if I am donating items?
A: Firstly, thank you! We have 3 lovely volunteers who are going to 'man' a site for donated items; with 100% of proceeds of those items going to a local fundraising cause of the donor's choice.

Q: Can I be part of volunteer crew?
Yes please! We need helpers. Contact us via details below.

Q: Can I have a stall at the big sale to raise awareness for my group/cause/etc?
A: We will have some space; email us vie email below.

Q: Will it only be old rubbishy stuff?
A: Not at all! We've already heard that some folk are going to put in two vintage vehicles, others are going to sell new (spare) building and flooring materials... loads of stuff is being put in, but yes there may be older items and even stuff that needs repairing - plenty of people would love to grab a bargain that they can easily repair.

Other info:

What’s it for, who benefits?

  • An event for the whole community to come together, intergenerationally, create new connections, with a variety of activities aimed to be accessible to everyone in the community. 
  • A chance to help raise some needed funds for local community causes
  • It’s good for individuals and the environment: Individuals can make some $$$ from surplus / unused items, or find a bargain, save on fuel and freight costs finding items elsewhere. The environment benefits from less freighting impacts, less waste, maximising life cycle of products.

Event schedule - more may be added.

Also, watch and facebook for wet weather updates.

Saturday April 1 - the big day!

Large items


Large Items brought in via entry near Domain grandstand - see map

Everything else

9.00am - 10am

General field sites, hall sellers and stalls set up

Garage Sale begins


Public can attend anytime from 9am




Sausage Sizzle

10am - 4pm



Canteen 10am - 4pm at the hall kitchen

Sausage sizzle outside 11.30am - 2pm.

Fundraising for Karamea Area School senior school ski trip to Porter Heights this year

Community Picnic

12 Noon

Community picnic for everyone - BYO blanket or chair, picnic lunch - or purchase food and drink from canteen (fundraising for kids Porters Heights ski trip) Some chairs will be available.

TBC Auction


Subject to auctioneer availability

Pack up


Pack up field sites, all items removed. 



Saturday event closed

Sunday April 2: Wet weather back-up and remaining hall sites 

If the weather on Saturday is very bad, Saturday’s schedule applies on Sunday.
Otherwise, Sunday is for remaining hall site items to be sold.

Sunday Open


Hall open for all sites

Pack up

1pm - 2pm

Packing up and removing hall site items



Sunday event closed


Picnic and other food will be available for purchase.

Hall sites: In Addition to clothing and book sites, there will also be community stands such as Civil Defence.


Email us

Karamea Garage Sale



Garage Sale



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