The Whisper News

PO Box 15, Karamea 7864

Established 1 May 2016 - The Whisper News is a publication aimed at forming a platform for public opinion, current events, alternative news and humour. We aim to provoke public dialog to encourage community discourse. We encourage entries of all topics, perspectives and entertainment.

Keeping our community in touch with the latest news of Karamea New Zealand. To Keep Karamea in the know on current events and notable things of mention throughout the region in a way which is as honest and non biased as possible.

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Whisper News 18th Edition
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whisper_news_18th_edition_oct_2020.pdf 1.71 MB
Fightbait Times Issue 4
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fightbait_times_issue_4_oct_2020.pdf 230.5 KB
Whisper News 17th Edition
Fightbait Times Issue 3
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fightbait_times_issue_3_oct_2019.pdf 103.12 KB
Whisper News 16th Edition
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whisper_news_16th_edition_may_2019.pdf 1.69 MB
Whisper News 15th Edition
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whisper_news_15th_edition_apr_2019.pdf 2.13 MB
Whisper News 14th Edition
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whisper_news_14th_edition_feb_2019.pdf 1.65 MB
Whisper News 8th Edition
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whisper_news_8th_edition_feb_2017.pdf 1.87 MB
Whisper News 7th Edition
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whisper_news_7th_edition_jan_2017.pdf 886.24 KB
Whisper News 4th Edition
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whisper_news_4th_edition_oct_2016.pdf 1.52 MB
Whisper News 1st Edition
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whisper_news_1st_edition_may_2016.pdf 229.7 KB
Fightbait Times Issue 2
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fightbait_times_issue_2_nov_2015.pdf 318.63 KB
Fightbait Times Issue 1
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fightbait_times_issue_1_oct_2015.pdf 371.68 KB