Holy Trinity Community Church

A place where you can belong, feel welcome and strengthen your faith. Our church provides a haven of worship and welcomes visitors and locals alike.

Worship: 11am Sundays

Bible Study: Tuesdays at 7.30pm held in different homes

Coffee Morning for Ladies: last Friday of the month.

Parish Office:  (03) 789 8348

The Nelson Diocese also funds an elder care visitor for the Karamea Locals.


When Karamea was settled in 1874, many of the settlers lamented the lack of a church at the settlement, but were soon gathering together in cottage meetings, "to sing, read the Scriptures, and give thanks to God". (Laurence Johnson)

Clergy first began visiting Karamea in the 1880's, clambering around the rocks from Mokihinui to Little Wanganui, and then travelling along the beach to Karamea, but always conscious of the tides. Tales of ministers dodging the waves and leaping from rock to rock became legendary!

Services frequently lapsed owing to the difficult and sometimes perilous access.  After the turn of last century a Westport Vicar, the Reverend J.R. Dart, began visiting Karamea, often arriving late, saddlesore and weary.

In 1906 services were held at Karamea after the crew of the "Rangi" lost their lives taking soundings at the bar.  In looking for some tangible memorial, Karamea folk decided that it was an appropriate time to combine together and build a church.  Frank McNabb and Chris Craig completed the building in just three months, and on June 24, 1908, the new Holy Trinity Church was dedicated.

The Holy Trinity Church was interdenominational from its very outset, and has always been popularly known as "the people's community church".

(Courtesy of the Karamea  Historical Society).