This Saturday - Auction, Art, Music and Food


This Saturday evening is shaping up to be quite the gathering not to be missed! We'd LOVE you to come along. We're making it all about having heaps of FUN  - a mini arts festival on steroids so to speak. Let your ears be awed by the talents of local musicians (5 acts) and your eyeballs oiled with incredible local art and crafts on display. Add to that the palpable energy that is Willie's auctioneering, as well as the opportunity to chat and catch up during shared nibbles - see? Not to be missed.

"Can I help?" we hear you ask. Oh yes, now that you mention it... :)

1. Come along, bring your friends and family - you'll have fun we promise!

2. Bring a wee something to add to the shared 'pot luck' nibbles - just finger food pretty please as we don't have cutlery and so on at the venue (The old Hardware store).

3. Clear out some clutter... have you got any items you'd care to donate to the auction?
(Fundraising for the continuation of the Pop Up Gallery).
Items gratefully accepted, drop off Friday between 3pm to 6pm or on Saturday by 4pm.

Saturday 'mini festival' starts at 4pm with music acts, then an auction and pot luck nibbles round 5.30pm followed by more excellent music.

Gallery itself open all weekend 10am - 4pm - please come check it out, as always there's NEW art to check out and be inspired by.

See you there!

cbeem Tue, 13/09/2022 - 07:58

Hi, you can see a link here:…

Also check the community Facebook pages, but I'm not sure what was posted: (access required) (open access)

Also our local newspaper "The Chronicle" has an article but not available electronically.

Cheers :)