Nelson Botanical Society field trip

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Nelson Botanical Society members only
Golden Bay
Sat, Aug 14 2021, All day
Sun, Aug 15 2021, All day


cbeem Mon, 08/23/2021 - 09:31

My first Nelson Botanical Society field trip. This was an amazing experience for me!

There were about 30 of us, ranging from top botanists and ecologists with decades of local experience, newbies (like myself), PhD students and experienced amateurs.

This was a very seriously cool, friendly, inclusive and supportive group.  I was given plant lists to help me prepare for the trips, about 80% of the plants on the list I knew quite well from the Karamea area, a few I had never heard of (that's normal for me) and there were a few that are found only on the mountain that we visited.  The local endemics (only found there) were really quite unusual but in familiar families to me, but really were quite different and I would not have been able to work out what they were without expert guidance.

Totally recommended to join the Nelson Botanical Society, I've learned heaps and got even more fired up to crawl around in the mud and moss to learn more bits and pieces of the remarkable story of the life around out little town.

Wonderful 🙂🙂