Coprosma propinqua × robusta

Coprosma propinqua × robusta

Coprosma propinqua × C. robusta

Kingdom: Plantae > Phylum: Tracheophyta > Subphylum: Angiospermae > Class: Magnoliopsida > Order: Gentianales > Family: Rubiaceae > Subfamily: Rubioideae > Tribe: Anthospermeae > Genus: Coprosma > Species hybrid: Coprosma propinqua × robusta
Juicy details

Very common around Karamea and up into the valleys but you won't find this one in the "official" information sources.

The hybrids generally have a white fruit, despite C. propinqua usually having blue fruit and C. robusta having orange/red fruit.  The hybrid fruit is pleasant, sweetish with the typical Coprosma taste of slightly bitter tomato.

These hybrids are every shape and size between C. propinqua and C. robusta.  The hybrids are fertile and back cross, leading to hybrid swarms where they are established.

Coprosma propinqua x C. robusta

Typical form at the estuary at Karamea

SS Ferneliza Wed, 08/18/2021 - 15:59

Hiya Cliff, hoping to use your expertise to identify this lovely specimen.  I had thought that it was a C.propinqua x C.robusta but alas it does not look at all like the guy above.  We have a bunch of these growing along side our C. robusta, they were all sown together thinking I was only sowing C.robusta.  All seed sown was same size, shape, colour.  I'm looking forward to seeing what fruit he/she produces, if any.  Any ideas?Cheers Sina. Sorry don't know how to get pic smaller!

Coprosma. ??




cbeem Wed, 08/18/2021 - 17:33

In reply to by SS Ferneliza

Howdy!  Looks like C. propinqua x C. robusta.

I found some at Mt. Burnett in Golden Bay on the weekend with orange fruit - depends on what the parent of the hybrid is.  Around here the fruit is usually white (female plants of course!).

These are very common here, that's hybrid vigour for you!

Cheers :)

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