Asplenium bulbiferum x A lepidotum

Asplenium bulbiferum x A lepidotum

Kingdom: Plantae > Phylum: Tracheophyta > Class: Polypodiopsida > Subclass: Polypodiidae > Order: Polypodiales > Suborder: Aspleniinae > Family: Aspleniaceae > Genus: Asplenium > Species hybrid: Asplenium bulbiferum × lepidotum
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Uncommon and previously uncatalogued in New Zealand.

Occasional plants have been identified in the Ōpārara from mid 2020.

The plant is an uncommon hybrid between A. bulbiferum and A. lepidotum.

Like other Asplenium hybrids, this is probably sterile but it does produce bulbils (chickens).  The "chickens" are clones of the hybrid parent and can fall of and grow new "chickens", and yes, the "chickens can have chickens" in which case a small patch may form over time.

Observations - Kahurangi Point - Mōkihinui