Karamea All Breeds Cattle Club

Karamea All Breeds Cattle Club formerly Karamea Jersey Breeders Club Karamea All Breeds Cattle…

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(03) 782 6041
Karamea Bowling Club

The bowling club has  2 day tournament 27-28 March. More information about the club is forthcoming…

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(03) 782 6650, (03) 782 6764
Karamea Golf Club

To maintain 9 hole golf course. Maintain grounds and facilities, encourage community participation…

(03) 782 6693
Karamea Swimming Club

The Pool Is Open to the Public Outside School Hours Costs are $50 per household plus $50 for key…

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(03) 782 6712, (022) 342 9136
Karamea Youth Club

Karamea Youth Club started in September 2018 and is supported by a team of volunteer youth mentors…

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