On: Chroicocephalus novaehollandiae scopulinus
The juveniles have black…
Chroicocephalus novaehollandiae scopulinus cbeem

The juveniles have black bills and brown legs.

2 days 13 hours ago
On: Physalia physalis
Nasty, but sometimes there…
Physalia physalis cbeem

Nasty, but sometimes there are heaps on our beach.

3 days 7 hours ago
On: Blechnum procerum
I've seen a couple of these…
Blechnum procerum cbeem

I've seen a couple of these in the Ōpārara with half and half fertile/sterile fronds.  Very unusual for Small kiokio.  The fronds are usually one…

3 days 7 hours ago
On: Gaultheria antipoda
Fruiting now along the…
Gaultheria antipoda cbeem

Fruiting now along the Ōpārara Arch track.

Looks like Silver Beech except for the problem with the red fruit...

3 days 7 hours ago
On: Coprosma linariifolia
There's a nice big one right…
Coprosma linariifolia cbeem

There's a nice big one right near the top of the new section of the Ōpārara Arch track.

3 days 8 hours ago
On: Corynocarpus laevigatus
Look out for these ripening…
Corynocarpus laevigatus cbeem

Look out for these ripening up along the Heaphy and at the school.  Don't eat them!

1 week 1 day ago
On: Leucanthemum vulgare
These are just everywhere on…
Leucanthemum vulgare cbeem

These are just everywhere on the bluff.  Been in NZ since 1867.

1 week 3 days ago
On: Adversaeschna brevistyla
Not doing so well...
Adversaeschna brevistyla cbeem

Not doing so well...

1 week 3 days ago
On: Turdus merula merula
Eaten the next day by a cat …
Turdus merula merula cbeem

Eaten the next day by a cat :(

1 week 3 days ago
On: Bondarzewia kirkii
A crazy huge fungus popping…
Bondarzewia kirkii cbeem

A crazy huge fungus popping up in the rotting buttresses of beech trees.  I've seen them on the Mirror Tarn - Moria Gate walk, at Mirror tarn, and…

1 week 5 days ago
On: Dendromastigophora flagellifera
Keep an eye out for this one…
Dendromastigophora flagellifera cbeem

Keep an eye out for this one.  It has the coolest name.  It's a liverwort, not a moss.

2 weeks 5 days ago
On: Pseudowintera colorata
Some of these are fruiting…
Pseudowintera colorata cbeem

Some of these are fruiting now up in the Oparara.  The pigeons love them!

We also have this one…

2 weeks 5 days ago
On: Leycesteria formosa
Along the banks of the river…
Leycesteria formosa cbeem

Along the banks of the river near the limeworks on the Fenian road.  Nasty weed.

2 weeks 5 days ago
On: Lonicera japonica
This stuff is just…
Lonicera japonica cbeem

This stuff is just everywhere, flowering all over the place this summer.

We also have this one: 

2 weeks 5 days ago
On: Carex zotovii
Zotov's Bastard Grass - that…
Carex zotovii cbeem

Zotov's Bastard Grass - that's just the craziest name!

Heaps of this in the Oparara.

1 month ago
On: Carmichaelia arborea
This has a deliciously sweet…
Carmichaelia arborea cbeem

This has a deliciously sweet scent.  It is native here, found along river banks and also on tracks where river sand and gravel has been used.  It…

1 month ago
On: Silene gallica
Heaps on the roadsides…
Silene gallica cbeem

Heaps on the roadsides around Mossy Burn

1 month ago
On: Metrosideros robusta
Flowering like crazy, early…
Metrosideros robusta cbeem

Flowering like crazy, early this season.

1 month ago