Up close and personal - Metrosideros fulgens

Metrosideros fulgens is often known as Scarlet Rātā Vine.  it is everywhere here late summer in to autumn.

It will climb to the top of tall trees, and sometimes you can see it flowering all the way up the sides of the tall Rimu on the Valley track.  Really spectacular.

The genus is Metrosideros, which is the genus of Northern and Southern Rātā, and of Pōhutukawa.  Most of the Metrosideros here are vines; we have Metrosideros fulgens, perforata, colensoi and diffusa.

Get out and about and see Scarlet Rātā Vine while it's still on show.

For more info on Scarlet Rātā Vine head to Metrosideros fulgens | Karamea.nz