Winter School Thermette Society


Karamea Thermette Society gathering

The Thermette Society and followers met at the Oparara Reserve on Saturday 22nd June for an afternoon cuppa. For those unfamiliar, the thermette is a New Zealand invention to boil water efficiently, used in the desert in the Second World War.

Four fully inducted members boiled a brew, and some hangers-on enjoyed their thermetic expertise. The benefits of such a device were discussed, including its usefulness if ever the power supply runs out. All you need is some water and a stick of flax, and bingo; you have a cuppa. A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon tea and conversation.


To quote one thermophile who has made a new word:  .....'and the irresistible smells of charcoal and scones, ashy boiling water and wood smoke; theremones.
Thermodynamically yours,
Lord Kelvin'


The Thermette Society Meets


Earnest thermettic discussion


Elder Thermatician Tom, with eldest thermette