Tilly & Diva Into The Stormy

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1. How was it?

Tilly (T) : It was worth it

Diva (D) : It was amazing and exhausting


2. When did you climb and how long did it take ?

T&D: We started at 9 am and came out at 6 pm on April 3.


3. What was the challenges for you?

T: When we got to the higher place, Dracophyllum made it harder as they were so slipperly and we could have slid down the hill if we weren’t careful

D: Half way up, our legs started to hurt so it was harder to push all the way.


4. How did you overcome the challenges?

T: I knew the view from the top would be amazing and it was going to be worth it so we just kept on pushing

D: I had never climbed Mt.Stormy before so I wanted to go all the way. Tilly said it would be worth it so I didn’t want to turn back


5. How did you feel when you reached the top ?

T: I was proud and delighted once again. I did it about a year ago with my friends, Laila, Sebi, Trev and Mum.

D: I felt relieved and I was impressed with myself


6. How was the track condition?

T&D: It wasn’t well maintained and we noticed someone had bent the ferns back which weren’t fully dead. The track itself was easy to see because of the orange fluorescent triangles.


7. What was the most memorable moment?

T&D: The Razorback !!!!!!!!!!!!! And the view from the top and the lolly bag.


8. Did you think you could do it?

T: Maybe
D: Yes


9. Any advice for young climbers?

T&D: Don’t do it ! ( Just kidding it was fun but exhausting and you want to make sure you have the energy & water)


10. What is your next challenge?

T&D: Te Whenua or The whole Heaphy track