The Pop Up Gallery enters fundraising mode in order to continue



We haven't really been looking forward to this update.  Remember how the Pop Up Gallery applied for funding through the big Manatū Taonga Cultural Sector Regeneration Fund? And so many of you put in submissions / filled in the survey. 105 of you it turns out! Amazing support, such a big proportion of Karamea's population! We're humbled.
It makes it harder to tell you... our application was unsuccessful. They came back with postive feedback, including that they were impressed with the volume of supportive submissions.

But we were just TOO little to meet their big, national outcomes. When you look at the organisations that were successful... really big projects, with mass participation.

Dammit! the feeling we had when we received the email.

But this just means hitting the fundraising pavement with renewed vigor.
The Pop Up Gallery has enough remaining funds to deliver the Easter weekend "Wearables"  Pop up gallery weekend. So to continue, we're putting our fundraising hats on.

Thanks to Jason and Juliette at Karamea Four Square letting us use the venue, and our volunteer army, our costs are very modest; for the past year the funding we had successfully applied for from Manatū Taonga ($4,962) has covered a little printing, small Koha amounts to gallery curator and some musical acts, and we had some help with social media and design while we could afford it though both the latter are now done voluntarily.

As for our awesome artists and creators and musos... you provide the incredible works that keep people coming back!

Rather than being a jolly, the Pop Up Gallery has proven to be a valuable asset to the community. We've had dozens of locals volunteering, exhibiting, performing, coming through the door and getting immersed in the experience which has led to stronger relationships and we all know connected communities are way more resilient.

In a nutshell, we have some modest funding needs to just "carry on". But additionally,  in order to grow, offer workshops and all the fun events and upskilling that everyone's excited about, we are going to be seeking out funding, possibly from a range of sources, and building on the model to be sustainable.

So onwards and upwards!
Hitting the ground running,  seeking funds to keep the momentum going.

Thank you to everyone for all your support.
🏃‍♂️ 👌 👍🤗


The Pop Up Gallery team

Sanae, Liz, Jessie (with an amazing volunteer army, and huge community support)