Thank you


Our community website has recently taken on some new volunteers to replace some of our original creators. Special and sincere thanks are due to Radek and Raramai.

Radek has been the brains and the technical adviser since the website’s inception. He has put in countless hours to create the pages and maintain everything since 2009. It would be true to say that the website wouldn’t exist without his fair and tireless support and expertise.

Raramai has also been providing advice as part of the webteam virtually since the start, with her particular graphic artist skills. She has also regularly contributed articles and art for the site. It is fitting to acknowledge their contributions in recognition of National Volunteering Week (June 20 to 26th 2021).

This site has been operating through the efforts of volunteers, mostly invisibly, in order to provide value to our community. We thank Radek and Raramai for their vision and commitment, and we hope the new volunteers can continue to promote Karamea in a positive and friendly way.