Successful Planting Day at Natural Burial Site

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A fine day encouraged about 15 people to turn out to plant flowers and trees at the Natural Burial site last Saturday, 28th May 2022. About 60 trees and over 100 ground covering flowering plants have now found homes.


The trees are in a riparian strip beside a delightful little creek that meanders through the site. The flowering plants are to cover over the earth bund which was formed beside the road in the car park area.


We are very grateful to Clean Streams Karamea who made the native trees available, and to Mitre 10 for help in selecting and supplying the flowering plants. And of course a big thanks to the volunteers who came out equipped to do business.


For the bund planting, holes were cut through the weed mat (ie old carpet – very hard cutting apparently) before the various plants were randomly placed.


In the riparian area, holes were dug, plants planted, covered with old carpet and mulch and a marker stick with a flag were flown beside each tree so that they can be found when the grass gets long. No sprays to be used here.


We were also able to sell some excess topsoil by the trailer load, thanks to Pat Jones and his digger, and Brent Mairs with his tow truck for transportation.


The troops were rewarded with a cup of tea from Chai Wallah Bill, and fine muffins by Tina. A great gathering of the community who enjoyed a lovely afternoon out, working with old friends and new. There is likely to be another planting day over the winter period so keep an eye out for notice of that.


We are looking at an opportunity for you to help us also by donating a tree for further planting. More details will follow. This could be a cash donation or you may have plants on our list that you are growing at home that you might want to donate.


We now have a fabulous loop track, a car park, and a fine fence, as well as a start on a caretaker shed which the senior school students are building. And now plants too.


We are also finalising paperwork so that those who might want to pre-purchase a plot can do so. Keep watching the local media outlets.


KNB Group: Bill and Tina Wylie, Sheryl Rhind, Hamish Macbeth