Stewardship Land Reclassification Project — Karamea Place

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Stewardship land refers to land that was allocated to the Department of Conservation when it was formed in 1987 and includes former state forest and Crown land that was considered to have conservation value. This land has been awaiting proper classification since then and from Nov 2021 an expert panel began identifying values and has now made recommendations for new status in each case. The public can read and feedback on those recommendations via the website. Public submissions on these recommendations close on July 26th 2022.

Alternatively, there is a single hard copy of all documents referring to the 22 pieces of Karamea Stewardship land available to see at the Karamea Information and Resource Centre. Each piece of Stewardship land has both a Conservation Value Report and a Recommendation Report, there is also a map, general Landscape Values Report and Management Planning Report for the Karamea Area. If you have further queries after reading all relevant online material please contact Pete Graham, Community Ranger in Westport:

Department of Conservation Te Papa Atawhai