Second questionnaire: We need your feedback please


We need a little more feedback from you please, to ensure we're on track to create a useful Plan that reflects current community needs and aspirations. Below is a link to a questionnaire. There are 4 important questions and another 4 optional questions if you have time as well as a 9th field for any general feedback you may have.

If you prefer to answer by hard copy, please jot your answers on a sheet, number them to the questions (1 to 9) and drop in to the anonymous box in the Karamea Information Centre.


To read the Community Plan Feedback Summary document: Hard copies of the Community Plan to date (summary document) are available at the Karamea Information Centre and at other venues around Karamea.

Or you can read it online / download it from here. It's a condensed, low resolution file of just 1.5MB in size.


The questionnaire to give us your feedback:  Click here.


Thank you!

Karamea Community Incorporated (KCI)

Thank you

Second questionnaire.

Click here.