School’s Out for Someone

Paul Murray

Old Oparara School Building in 1950

The Old Oparara School may be on the move again. The building is currently located at the Karamea Area School (KAS) after it was moved there in 1957 from its original site just south of the Oparara River.

By 1931, the school role had grown to 31 pupils. However, improvements in regional roading enabled the Oparara School to merge with the Karamea School in 1939. The vacant building was also eventually moved to the KAS site and was initially used as a “little theatre.”

The building is now the KAS art room, but the Ministry of Education (MoE) considers it surplus to requirements. The MoE has allowed the KAS Board of Trustees (BoT) to ask for expressions of interest from anyone that may want to relocate the building to another site off the school grounds.

The Old Oparara School opened for business in 1923 after a grant of £133 from the then Education Board enabled it to be built. The current school rebuild project may top $10 million...How times have changed!

If you are interested in discussing the possibility of reclaiming the old Oparara School Building and repurposing it elsewhere, please contact Tom Murton, Chair of the KAS BoT on:  
Hm:  03-7826-067  
Mob: 027-3735-834