Ready for community review: Summary document for the Community Plan consultation to date



A summary of all the feedback results to date, draft content for the new Plan and all of your questionnaire answers are ready for you to review.

Jessie Creedmore - Karamea Community Coordinator 

Note: Carry on reading my intro or scroll on to find the review document in 'attachments' near the end of this article. If you're printing it you may wish to just print the short summary near the front as the full document is 150 pages long. The attached version below is a condensed PDF making it only 1.95MB in size. If you'd prefer a larger, better quality document (with crisp images etc) you can access that version here.



In April, after a busy start to the year with several events underway including the inaugural KaraWearable and Karamea’s Biggest Garage Sale, Karamea Community Incorporated (KCI) began the process of community consultation for a refreshed Karamea Area Community Plan that had been in the planning stages since December.

 The whole process is about creating a refreshed Community Plan reflecting the current community needs and aspirations, setting a term and new priorities going forward. The Plan also helps prioritise community projects, gives clear focus for activity and funding and helps inform other agencies about our specific community needs.

The first step was writing a questionnaire that would be able to collect enough data for accurate quantitative and qualitative results. Additionally, a full community meeting was held at the Karamea Pulse Energy Centre hall, with a small time investment of 2 hours to workshop the questions. 

The engagement was higher than expected with the online questionnaire having 47 respondents and 83 people attending the community meeting.   That’s 130 people actively participating in the process so far.  Most statisticians agree that the minimum sample size to get any kind of meaningful result is 100, and a good maximum sample size is usually 10% as long as it does not exceed 1000. Our community engagement has produced meaningful and statistically valid results.  

The whole process to date has produced over 13,000 words worth of answers. All of this data has been collated into a comprehensive spreadsheet - retaining all original answers but also breaking large multi concept answers into individual data points for better analysis and organising into themes.

After thorough analysis I now have a full document summarising the findings (along with how I arrived at the conclusions including 'workings' and all of the original asnwers) and it’s at this point we can share this out as one comprehensive document. 

Of course, you may wish to only read the summarised information at the front - section 1. 


You'll see the document attached below. It's been compressed to make a small file.  If you're printing it, please note it's 150 pages. A bound hard copy will be available at the Karamea Information Centre.


Watch this space for ways to submit feedback. Meanwhile if you have any questions,  email