Natural Burial Site Now in Operation


Many of you will know that the Natural Burial site is now operational, with the recent burial of Margaret Macbeth. The site has been ready for some time, but it was wonderful to see it work so well on the day.

A natural burial requires that there be no embalming, and that the coffin or shroud be made of natural, compostable materials. A tree will be planted above each body and eventually, the site will take on a park-like feel for people to walk around in, or to sit and contemplate.

Our site is up the Umere Road, at the foot of the hill before the Giant Rimu Tree. A small group has been working towards achieving this goal for about five years now. There is now a car park, a small grazing area, and a loop track meandering through the one hectare site, beside the Karamea River. Some riparian plantings are now starting to stand tall.

We have had good public support in the past, and we know that some of the Karamea population would like to be buried there. We have nearly completed the documentation required to formalise the purchase of a plot in advance of needing one. We hope to have this ready soon. You may not need a plot immediately, but the pre-purchase of a plot needs to be well thought through, by both parties.

But rest assured, if you need a plot tomorrow, there is one ready for you.

We hope to hold a public meeting soon to discuss the concept of the natural burial site, as well as the pre-purchase option for a plot. We would be happy to answer your questions at that meeting. We now have some direct experience of what is involved, which we would be happy to share.

We also have a small area which is available for grazing, preferably for sheep. Please contact any of the committee about this.

Sheryl Rhind, Bill and Tina Wylie, Hamish Macbeth,

NB Working Group, for

Karamea Cemetery Trust