Karamea's biggest garage sale ever

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Happy festive season to all. While you're in holiday mode, don't throw stuff away just yet!

Save it and make yourself some $$ by selling it at Karamea's Biggest Garage sale ever. Or even donate it. This is a KCI / community event, including some fundraising, and it's going to be big. More details about dates and venue to come, but we wanted to alert everyone, so you don't go getting rid of all your spare stuff over the holidays.

Have some fun at the biggest garage sale ever, there'll most likely be a big auction within it too, and some FUN activities for everyone. Watch this space!

Happening in the first quarter of 2023, there'll be an opportunity to both buy and sell stuff, swap, barter, even donate if you wish.

Even if you have stuff that's good but needs repairing; bring it! There are loads of people who love repairing stuff!


Tell your friends to keep hold of their unwanted, unused items; whether it's old farm tools and machinery or clothing or household items, books, bikes, kids toys... anything!


Spread the word. This is just a heads up. More details to follow.


Have a safe happy holiday season wherever you are.