Karamea Pop up Gallery Annual Newsletter


Karamea Pop-up Gallery Annual Newsletter


Happy 1st Anniversary for Karamea Pop-up Gallery!



First of all, Team of Pop-up Gallery would like to say thank you to our wonderful community, to all the artists, creators, patrons and volunteers for your support on this journey. We are very proud and happy to celebrate our 1st anniversary. 


Since the gallery started, we hold 8 successful exhibitions which resulted in 


56 talented local artists exhibited their artworks

258 artworks sold

1,629 visitors to the exhibitions


This is a huge achievement for our community.

Congratulations to all of you for your effort, creativity and support.


A funding update: 

  • Several means:

We are working on a fundraising plan including applying to a national funding body. In order to do so, and to work towards self-sustainability, we need to include a self funding mechanism.

  • Part of this can be local fundraising efforts that we do such as auctions and so on.
  • The other part: 5% commission begins from Matariki (July) Pop Up.

Due to favourable feedback from artists, we are going to begin a 5% commission on sales. 

  • Garage Sale - we’re hoping some folks will include us in the polling for the recipients of some of the 10% going to worthwhile causes, plus we might do some additional fun fundraising.
  • Link to the poll: https://forms.gle/tgjVoD4frvL2B4Rt9 


Winter School

June isn’t far away and with it, the now very famous winter school which we’re supporting. We hear one workshop might involve lantern making for…..


…. Matariki 

We’re super excited about Matariki, we’re hoping to get enough support and ‘hands’ to do a very cool lantern procession through the estuary, with hanging lights throughout and a bonfire with story-telling and marshmallows!  Can we get a volunteer to ‘muster’ as many kids around the walk with all their lights?


Upcoming dates and themes - note, the rest of the year is not as regular due to other events and funding constraints. 


Date & Time

April 8 & 9

July 15 & 16 10-4pm

September 16 & 17

December 2 & 3


Wearables & Wearable Art Show



With Love from Karamea 2.0


If you have any questions or require more information, please contact gallery curator Sanae Murray at karameagallery@gmail.com

Thank you everyone.
Looking forward to seeing you dressed up for Pop-up KaraWearable Exhibition!