In two weeks time ... you'll be...

Remotely arty or crafty? Or tempteid to have a go?

In two weeks' time you'll be finishing off last minute touches on your art and craft pieces ready to go set up at the gallery on the Friday afternoon before the Karamea Pop Up gallery open weekend of December 2&3.

You'll be mildly stressed about it all looking just so, and that sneaky inner voice will be questioning you.... "will anyone like my work? Will they get it? Will anyone buy a piece? What if no one buys ANYTHING?? Does that mean no one likes my work? Who am I kidding, I'm not an artist!"

But you'll put your grown up pants on,  take those pieces to the gallery and while setting up with the Pop Up team and other artists you'll suddenly be filled with a sense of ... togetherness. A little nervous but buzzy energy.  You're aware all of a sudden that .. you're not the only one feeling nervous but as everyone gets their artwork hung, the feeling becomes more excitement.

This is bigger than just you.  It's an exhibition of people's hearts and souls, and the whole gallery comes alive with all types and levels and styles of art. Kids artwork is in there right alongside experienced practiced artists and everything in between.

And there you are.  Those ones there are YOURS! You made that artwork and there's not another one identical to it in the whole world.


And you find yourself wandering around the gallery... looking at other people's artworks... and getting ideas for the next exhibition already...


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