Garage Sale Poll


Polling closes Monday 27th March 2023.

Note: Prefer to do this in person or you don't have Gmail/ Google account to sign into the polling link below? Visit the roving polling station - currently at Karamea Village Hotel.  


10% of sales from Karamea's Biggest Garage Sale will go to one of three worthwhile local causes, charities or groups. This is where YOU come in!

Anonymously nominate your top 3 local community causes or projects to receive the 10% of all sales at Karamea's Biggest Garage Sale, via this super easy Google Form:

Click HERE for the form to have your say - anonymously.

You get to nominate a 1st, 2nd and 3rd preferred local cause, of YOUR choice.

The top 3 that get nominated will have funds distributed proportionate to percentage of nominations. 

If you're stuck you can update yourself on all the various community groups and organisations by clicking here.


Polling closes Monday 27, 2023

(Note: For people who donate items: 100% of those proceeds will go to a cause and the donor chooses which local fundraising cause it goes to).


We've updated our list but we rely on our community to inform us - please let us know.


Thank you in advance for your input.