Even the kids are having a say...

Just 10 days left to have your say...

You may have done the full survey but have you done a specific quick-poll about something very relevant to you? Link below.

So many of you completed the questionnaire about Buller District Council’s long term plan, the volume and large percentage of voices from Karamea has been commented on. It clearly shows that we want to be heard, our concerns listened to, and demonstrates that we’re very interested in what goes into BDC’s plan.

Your voice matters for Karamea's future. 
Check out these quick polls that only take (literally) a few minutes to complete on specific topics that impact you. Let's shape Buller's future together! 

Quick Polls: https://survey.publicvoice.co.nz/s3/BDC-LTP-quick-polls 
Or take the full survey if you haven’t already: https://survey.publicvoice.co.nz/s3/BDC-LTP-Consultation 

Your input helps our Council create a community-focused, 10-year plan for a better Buller with our own specific Karamea needs considered in the shaping of it.

Photo: Meet Yang, one half of the dynamic twins Yin & Yang. He's diving into the 10-year Plan, with a special focus on Prosperity. Turns out, Yang's been keeping a close eye on our Grape budget, and he's got some thoughts!