Drupal 9 is here!


You may have noticed a new look to our karamea.nz website.

It's 2021 and Drupal, the people who built the platform we are using, are moving to the next major level next year - Drupal 9.  They will, in general, cease support for Drupal 7.   This website is now running on the new platform Drupal 9, but it works more or less the same.

A few things don't work any more, the Drupal community will not be supporting several Drupal 7 projects going forward.  One example is the weather forecast which will cease support from YR on 1st Jul 2021.  We're looking around for replacements for various modules!

You can see a new weather forecast from Openweather here

So stay tuned and watch for more changes coming up.

karamea.nz website team :)