Drop in sessions this Friday, then Monday 29th - regarding BDC Enhanced Annual Plan feedback

For those who'd like to provide feedback / suggestions, note this Friday's drop in session and then Monday's - see list near the bottom. 

Have you got questions about the Buller District Council’s Draft Enhanced Annual Plan 2024-2025?

As you know BDC’s Long Term plan was deferred and the Enhanced Annual Plan continues implementing year four of the Long-term Plan 2021-2031.
They’re looking for feedback around council spending over the next 12 months. 

❔ Want to have a say? Or have questions?
Come along to a drop-in session where you can chat with your local Buller District Councilor Rosalie Sampson, and I’ll be present also to answer what I can / show you the ways you can provide feedback. I’ll also have feedback forms available and a copy of the 25 page consultation document (not the full document, it’s around 190 pages - a copy of that will be available at the Information Centre along with feedback form collection box and more forms).
Karamea area drop-in sessions:
Friday 26 April 4pm-6pm Karamea Village Hotel
Monday 29 April 12pm-2pm Karamea RSA
Monday 29 April 4pm - 6pm Little Wanganui Hotel
See you there.


Jessie Creedmore - Karamea Community Coordinator