Do you have a minute for CSK?


Things are really happening in the world of Clean Streams Karamea. The organization is under new management, the nursery is teeming with new growth, we have started to diversify our range of species and our jobs list is ever expanding. We have left green fingerprints throughout Karamea and further into the Buller region. While our vision remains true to it’s origin - to establish native riparian margins - our business model is developing to include a commercial arm that provides a broader range of natives and exotics for land development, flood protection, landscaping and aesthetic planting. We have continued to attract full-time and temporary employees and, given the amount of growth we are experiencing, now is the time to expand our committee. Since the nursery was established two years ago, our committee has lost 4 members due to people leaving the region, having a conflict of interest or simply having ‘done their bit’ to get CSK off the ground. To these past members, we thank you for your efforts.

Our remaining members have been involved from the outset and for various reasons have stayed the distance, however, as anyone invested in a dynamic organization will say, new blood is essential in decision making and our current committee leaders, [Chair, Treasurer and Secretary) are approaching the end of their roles as active participants. With this in mind, as Secretary, I am reaching out to the wider community for people who are ready to invest their time in a local enterprise and have a stake in promoting Karameas image as a good growing destination, a good environment to do business in and a community that is willing and able to support such activity.

You will be valued as a committee member who brings fresh perspective and a new opinion. You will not be expected to fill the leading roles mentioned above however if you have an inclination toward efficiency, you’d make a great chairperson, if you are handy with numbers and have business skills you’d make a great treasurer and if you can pick out action points from a conversation, you’d make a great secretary. Even if these skills don’t seem innate, (as I myself found) spending time on a committee and watching these roles unfold will tease them out and before long, you will have advanced your own skill set, whilst helping to grow an important emerging industry in Karamea. If you’d prefer to Zoom in to our meetings, that is entirely fine. You are not expected to attend every one, all that is required is that you put your name forward and have your voice heard so that our organization will benefit from a unique perspective from our community.

Please consider donating some of your time to this worthy cause. Currently, our monthly meetings are done and dusted in 90 minutes. Over the course of a year, it’s not a huge investment to feel part of something that has a very tangible outcome. (Check out the CSK nursery if you need convincing). Given the amount of transition that has occurred at CSK, monthly meetings have been essential however, it is envisaged that from next year, our meetings will be quarterly. Spread over an entire year it would equate to slightly less than one minute a day or less than the time it took to read this article. Do you have a minute for CSK? If so, please contact Brendan at