10 days til Pop Up Gallery - the last one for the year!

10 Days til  Pop Up Gallery "With Love From Karamea"! It's the last one for the year and timed so that you can find some wee Christmas presents - locally made gifts are great for family and friends!


The Arts are more than just visual... we're lucky enough to have some talented musicians joining us for busking so be sure to bring some 💰to add to the hat. 🎩

Come show your appreciation for artists who put themselves out there... how many professions do you know where your work is so very on show for everyone to view and hear? It takes courage for artists to exhibit so let's turn out in force and appreciate the talent abounding in our special community.



This Pop Up Gallery is the last one for the year so let's throw ourselves into it, put as much art and craft pieces into it as you can, and then let's have a break! What a year. Everyone is so ready for some summer sun 'n fun n' family times. 

So crack on with creating something or just finish off what you started... let's share our creative energy and efforts. Art and craft is one really soecial way you can contribute joy to the world.


Love From your favourite Pop Up Gallery team!