CLDP Partnership Manager

Organisation or Group Requesting Funds
Karamea Community Inc
Contact Person
Brian Jones
Email Address
What do you want funding for?
Following our success of contracting the position for years 2 and 3, we would like to continue to employ and resource a CDLP Partnership Manager for the next 2 years. This will cover the remainder of our partnership yrs 4-5 (~ 18 months), and cover a further 6 months transition. We anticipate further admin and support will be required following the end of our CLDP partnership in September 2022, which the remainder of the funds applied for will contribute to.
How does this relate to our community plan?
The Karamea CLDP Partnership Group has recognised the challenges and limitations of our own capacity to achieve community-led development aspirations in Karamea, and the value-add that a PTE paid and well resourced CLDP Partnership Manager position has in supporting the implementation of citizen-led community goals that contribute to achieving the overall community vision. The role will continue to strengthen across-community communication, deepen engagement, bring multiple stakeholders together and support the principles of community-led development.
What is the start date / what is the end date?
Where will the benefit of this grant request be realised?
Karamea and Little Wanganui
What are the expected benefits/outcomes?
To continue to make a positive community impact through connecting and coordinating project teams to implement the sustainable key strategic themes and goals in the community plan, and to encourage and invite people to utilise their skills, knowledge, gifts and talents to collectively work together for the greater common good.
Briefly describe your project or planned activities
Over the past 2.5 years the CLDP Partnership Manager role has been instrumental in supporting community-led projects and initiatives in Karamea, whilst engaging key stakeholders such as Buller District Council and local Iwi. The role includes, but is not limited to, coordination and facilitation of community engagement meetings, communication and relationship building between community members, project teams/groups and stakeholders; community outreach; catalysing and connecting new and existing projects; and reporting and administration functions within a CLDP delivery and evaluation framework.
How will you show you have achieved it?
We will continue to show achievement through evaluating planned activities, community-led projects and CLDP Partnership Manager outreach and walkabouts; meeting and hui notes (community and project based); monthly progress reports; digital recording of relationship building and communications; visual recordings that can be shared across multiple channels and informal networks; regular feedback sessions; community understanding and engagement; collection of empirical data and evidence.
The Partnership Manager will continue to be provided with high-level support from the Partnership Group through regular feedback, learning loops, and recognition of mentoring with continuing education opportunities that contribute to professional development and help meet performance targets and career goals. The job description will be reviewed by the incumbent and the Partnership Group at yearly intervals to ensure it is fit for purpose, and as part of the performance management cycle.
Select the ethnic groups or communities which will benefit from your activities or project
What is the total grant you are requesting, exclusive of GST?
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