Karamea Centennial Museum redevelopment - phase 1

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Karamea Centennial Museum
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Dulcie McNabb
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What do you want funding for?
The Karamea Historical Society administers the Karamea Centennial Museum. We are seeking funding for the completion of phase one of our redevelopment plan. The work will close in our entrance foyer and replace the worn out signage. This small project sees the completion of the first stage towards revitalising the Museum building and displays.

The museum was built in 1974 to commemorate 100 years of organised settlement in Karamea. Much of the material used was recycled from the old Denniston school and badly needs replacing. For our phase 1 redevelopment we have already re-roofed the building, replaced the spouting, painted the building, as well as repositioned and replaced one set of old wooden double doors with smart new bifold doors.

Phase 2 will involve building an extension to the side of the museum for storage, photographic displays and space to research archived records, plus an obligatory toilet.
How does this relate to our community plan?
Updating Karamea Centennial Museum has been on our Community Plan since the first draft in 2017.

The Museum provides the community and visitors with educational and learning opportunities, creating an awareness and understanding of Karamea’s very own special heritage which has developed in isolation from the rest of Aotearoa. This in turn has developed a strong culture of resilience and self reliance amongst our people.
What is the start date / what is the end date?
Where will the benefit of this grant request be realised?
Karamea and Little Wanganui
What are the expected benefits/outcomes?
The completion of phase 1 of our proposed development will lead to a more attractive museum to stop off and visit.

In addition, an enclosed foyer will create a more welcoming entrance where we can also promote other local businesses and activities, and have space for the sale of Karamea arts & crafts and other items, such as local history books. This will help to increase our revenue (for running costs and phase 2 of our plan) and encourage visitors to stop, chat and linger longer.

We expect this will feed into our recent foray into using social media to promote the Museum. Since launching our facebook page we have had a noticeable increase in heritage tourism. We are currently open 6 days a week instead of 4, with ‘opening on request’ still available. We hope an upgraded entrance to the Museum will boost visitor numbers further in addition to standing us in good stead for Karamea’s 150th birthday celebration in 2024.
Briefly describe your project or planned activities
Our proposed phase 1 completion work will include contracting a local builder to close in the entrance foyer to the museum building; replace the door and windows; replace the current worn out signage and notice boards; and install a floor for the new foyer.

Quotes for the work from a local Karamea builder are attached to this application.
How will you show you have achieved it?
We will document the work by taking photos and sharing the story in the Karamea Chronicle and on our facebook page.
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Karamea community members are invited to leave comments in support (or otherwise) of this proposed community-led development project. Comments will be visible to all. Please be aware that your comment may factor into Department of Internal Affairs decision-making regarding support for the project. We ask that you provide your real name on your comment, so that other community members may follow up with you, if needed. If you prefer, you may email the Karamea Community Incorporated secretary cbjones@farmside.co.nz with your comment, and they will post your comment on your behalf.