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We are 51 and 60 yrs old, Alex is an ex Petroleum Engineer born and raised in Brazil, did his masters degree in Scotland, and now a Permaculture designer who has been implementing successful projects around the home.
He is a person of goodwill and a hard-working, honest man and an asset to any community.

Angela is training to be a Clinical Psychologist, is an excellent cook, can make preserves, cheese, fermented foods, cereals, bread, etc. in addition to being able to create stunning websites, and many other home making skills. Not afraid of hardwork, have run and managed multiple enterprises in the fields of recruitment and as a life coach for some of the countries most successful individuals.

Maybe somebody has some land they want to sell to us under a shared arrangement, or someone has a house and land they would be keen to sell, and we have a healthy deposit and can pay this off by staying in Auckland for a few more years direct to the owner.

Maybe somebody is sufficiently set up to allow a rent to buy arrangement, again with a healthy deposit? We also have a very low mileage, old school camper worth $25k we could include as a deposit.

We are just putting it out there in the hope someone may have a change in circumstances, or simply wants to grow the place with some healthy, fair minded, good will people who will make a valuable contribution to the community.

It's a long shot, but I thought I would try.

Warmest thanks for any efforts made to help us reach our goal of living in sunny Karamea, for some reason the place is occupying our minds and hearts very often,
Angela & Alex.

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