Notice - BDC Draft Annual Plan open for submissions

Why Council needs your help

Every year around this time, Buller District Council releases a draft Annual Plan which details its planned activities and an associated budget for the next financial year. And every year in June, your elected representatives (Councillors) deliberate on that draft Annual Plan and budget. Once your Councillors have reached agreement about what the plan and budget should be, the plan is confirmed and staff at Council get on with delivering that plan.


Before your Councillors formally deliberate on the draft plan, and budget, our community has an opportunity to express their thoughts on the plan and budget. We can do this by making a submission on the draft Annual Plan.

A submission is a written account of feedback from an individual or a group. All submissions will be presented to all Councillors so that they can consider the community’s thoughts while they deliberate the plan and budget for 2020 – 2021.


Community consultation about the draft Annual Plan
Traditionally Council has held Annual Plan ‘roadshows’ around the district to give the public the chance to attend public presentations ask questions and gain the understanding of key issues to help them complete submissions about the draft Annual Plan.

The current National State of Emergency and the restrictions imposed through the various Covid-19 alert levels mean that communications aimed at stimulating submissions must occur via new approaches because group gatherings and face-to-face meetings are not permitted, and Council premises are not open to the public. 

How to get a copy of the draft Annual Plan or a summary of the plan

  • Pick up a copy – Council will be distributing copies of the summary to essential service outlets across the district e.g. supermarkets and petrol stations. Feel free to take one.
  • Council website - visit
  • Phone request – please phone Council on 0800 807 239 or 03 788 9111 to request a copy be posted to you.

Key dates

29 May - Submissions close

8 June - Councillors receive copies of all submissions

11 and 12 June - Councillors deliberate and hear submissions.


People who made a submission can speak about their submission to the full Council if they requested to do so at the time of lodging their submission. Date and time slots will be allocated to these people.

19 June - Councillors make final changes to the draft Annual Plan.

24 June - Council adopts the final Annual Plan for 2020 – 2021.


How to make a submission

Submissions must be in writing. They can be made on a submission form (attached), by letter or email, or via this link to an online form
If you don’t use the form, please make sure to include your contact details and say whether or not you would like to speak to your submission.

How to get your submission to Council:

  • Drop through the mail slot at the side of the main entrance to Council’s office on Brougham Street Westport.
  • Drop it into the NZ Post box outside the Reefton Service Centre (postage not required).
  • Online via this link
  • Email your completed submission to submissionsatbdc [dot] govt [dot] nz. Please make sure to include your contact details and say whether or not you would like to speak to your submission.
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