KAKA was formed in January 2008.
It's initial task was to fight the July 2008 aerial 1080 drop on some 50,000ha of Kahurangi National Park and surrounding farmlands.


In conjunction with like-minded groups and individuals across the West Coast (and New Zealand):

  • Disseminate valid reliable information on 1080 related issues.
  • Foster linkages and information sharing between anti-1080 groups.
  • Ensure that those responsible for pest-control activities are fully accountable.
  • Implement a politically-based regional strategy to force an effective ban, no later than 2011, on 1080 air drops across the West Coast.
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of effective alternative methods for pest and Bovine Tuberculosis control.
  • Ensure that the level of funding currently used by Councils, the AHB and DOC and others on pest control programs across the Coast continues to be available for implementing alternative (non-1080) pest control methods.
  • Ensure that any alternative programs maximise the employment of local residents in small communities.
  • Make a positive contribution towards a possible future national ban on 1080.

KAKA News and Articles

Article / News Item Title Publishedsort ascending
DOC Planning Poison Drop in Kahurangi 12th November 2009
Death of Kaka founder, Dave White 30th July 2009
KAKA Welcomes FATE 27th May 2009
KAKA Applauds the Turangi/Tongariro Community Board’s Decision on 1080 23rd May 2009
2008 West Coast-Wide 1080 Petition 24th April 2009
WCCB Brokers 1080 Stakeholders Roundtable 3rd December 2008
AHB Meet with KAKA to Discusss 1080 Issues in Karamea 3rd December 2008
AHB Directors Call Meeting With Anti-1080 Groups 3rd December 2008
1080 – New Government, New Year, New Approach? 1st December 2008
Decision to Exclude Water Catchment Areas from Aerial 1080 Drops 24th November 2008
KAKA Closes West Coast 1080 Petition 24th November 2008
KAKA withdraws its “1080% Pure – Yeah right” campaign 1st September 2008
KAKA Launch Web site www.kaka1080.co.nz 21st August 2008
Kea Deaths Indicative of Decimation of Native Birds by 1080 30th July 2008
Karamea 1080-Drop Proceeds Despite Community Concerns and Outrage 24th July 2008
KEA joins KAKA in West Coast 1080 War 15th July 2008
AHB - Who's Your Daddy? 12th July 2008
Compensation for Tourism Operators and Pregnant Women by Animal Health Board 12th July 2008
KAKA Legal Appeal: 10th July 2008
Legal Advice to West Coast Anti-1080 Campaigners 4th July 2008
What's Up DOC? 4th July 2008
Animal Health Board Postponed Scheduled 1080-Drop 3rd July 2008
1080: Midwives Advise Pregnant Women to Relocate During 1080 Drop 18th June 2008
Karamea Tourism Operators Demand Compensation from AHB 18th June 2008
1080: Age of Consent? 17th June 2008
Public Meeting to Discuss 1080 with Animal Health Board in Karamea 27th May 2008
KAKA Delegation to Meet with BDC 22nd April 2008

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