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Community Fusion Through Music Revolution

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  • To enhance and develop the Karamea music scene.
  • To organise and produce regular dance parties in the region.
  • To provide training oppurtunities to the community as a whole focusing on digital music production and visual installations.
  • To provide regular opportunities for those participating in training to present their productions to the community.
  • To provide a healthy recreational environment for the young adults in the community.
  • To blend the regular dance parties with festival events orientated to families and the greater community.
  • To eventually have a 2-3 day festival event once or twice a year designed to attract the outside world to Karamea, that provides promotional and economic opportunities to Karamea as a whole...without losing the spirit of the original venture...

As a society we have forgotten the neccessity of the rituals where we can connect as a community, open our hearts and minds and emmerse ourselves in a creative energy... in essence the creation of a temporary space where we can remember our humanity and be touched by the spirit. Karamea Sound Machine is actively changing this, our events are designed for families to play together and communities to celebrate a connectedness through the magic of working together for a common goal, sharing knowledge, and the making and dancing to music.

We celebrate diversity, actively creating empowering spaces allowing individuals to perform and the community to experience a diversity of musical being. Our events are moving to an ever greater connectedness with the environment, reminding 'the locals' and showcasing to visitors a deep respect and wonder of the natural, unspoilt beauty of the area we call home... “leave only your foot prints”. We are exploring the visual and the artistic with festival sites being more an instillation than a venue, where work shops allow participants to become part of the process – encouraging a kind of personal investment in the creation of the space. Come join us!


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If you would like to perform at one of our events, collaborate in creating magic or just be involved - please contact us at karameasoundmachine [at] gmail.com

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