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The inaugural Karamea Community Arts Council Poetry Night was held at Saracen’s Bush Lounge on August 16, 2008. The evening was a great success with budding bards from the local community and beyond presenting their work and reciting favourites from more established poets. The quality of the original poetry surprised many and really showcased the intelligence, creativity, humour and other talents that often lie latent in our community.

Saracens again hosted the 2009 event, which attracted several rhymesters from other locations, including Nelson. The 2010 KCAC poetry night was held at Riverstone Karamea and the event has become a highlight on the Karamea social calendar. The poetry night is an interactive evening in which teams are challenged to come up with short poems on a particular theme or from an amusing image. A spokesperson then reads out the team’s efforts and an adjudicative panel then determines the victor based on the enthusiasm of the crowd response. Individual poets also have an opportunity to recite their work and judges have the difficult task of assigning a gold/silver and bronze prize.

From 2011, the poetry event has been expanded to include an online poetry contest whereby poems can be posted on the Karamea Community Web site. This will enable people to vote for their favourite poem and the winners will be selected by popular vote. The Karamea Poetry Night offers a great opportunity to express creativity, practice public speaking, share insights, improve vocabulary, socialise, dress up, have fun and above all…laugh you head off! Video of the 2009 KCAC Poetry Night at Saracens Bush Lounge.

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