Karamea Community Incorporated (KCI)

Mission Statement and Objectives

  • To undertake activities that enhance Karamea as an hospitable, safe, and productive community where members of the community can live, share, play, celebrate, prosper and welcome others.
  • To facilitate funding initiatives for projects that benefit the Karamea community in consultation with community members.
  • To coordinate activities that will enhance the prosperity and wellbeing of the Karamea community.
  • To encourage long term sustainable strategic planning in partnership with agencies in Karamea and elsewhere to obtain a focused balance between community, business, visitor and hospitality.
  • To encourage and support good environmental policies and practice in acknowledgment of the importance of the natural environment in our region.

Karamea Community Inc. Constitution

In August 2018 KCI were awarded charitable status (Registration numb​er CC56327).

Committee 2018-2019

Chair: Brian Jones
Secretary: Caroline Jones
Treasurer: Rosalie Sampson
Committee Members: Peter Moynihan, Peter Langford, Peter Gibson, David Guppy
CLDP Partnership Manager: Liz Kerslake

Contact people

Any media enquiries should be directed to the Chairman Brian Jones 7826 704 cb [dot] jonesatfarmside [dot] co [dot] nz

Any membership or general enquiries should be directed to ​KCIatKaramea [dot] org [dot] nz​ or you may contact the Secretary Caroline Jones 7826 704 ​cb [dot] jonesatfarmside [dot] co [dot] nz

Membership of KCI

KCI has been formed to provide a forum for all members of the Karamea community and we would very much like to have you on board as a member. You don’t even have to be called Peter.

Find out more details about KCI Membership​.


KCI had its beginnings in 2007 after the Buller District Council required the Karamea community to come up with project ideas under the Vision 2010 initiative which had been launched by the Council in 2005. In 2007 a community group was formed under the oversight of Karamea Community Business Ltd (KCBL no longer exists) with the objective of producing a community profile to get a better understanding of the needs of the community. That project was coordinated by Kathleen Gavigan and Clive Hellyar and the 2007 Karamea Community Profile was published in March 2008. A copy of the Profile is available on this website​.

The Profile was used to obtain funding from the Department of Internal Affairs which enabled the employment of a ​Community Development Coordinator​ Rick Lucas, for a three year period from April 2009 through April 2012. The development of this website was one of Rick’s initiatives.

In 2014 a new community consultation group was formed with the objective of carrying out an extensive community consultation process in order that a project or projects which reflected the wishes of the community could be identified as a candidate for Council funding. This was carried out in 2014 and as a result the document “An Urban Design for Karamea – A Town and Country Plan for our Community” was published.

As part of a funding application to the Council another document – “Concept Plan for Stage 1” was produced and made available to the community for comment. That concept plan, which did not contain final proposals is still under consideration as at the writing of this text (May 2016). Both of these documents are available below.

An Urban Design for Karamea – A Town and Country Plan for our Community

In order to enable further funding applications to be made the consultation group (which was not formally incorporated) was disestablished and a new incorporated society – Karamea Community Incorporated was registered in April 2016 (the Certificate of Incorporation and minutes of the meeting held on 19 April 2016 to enable registration are also available on this website.

Certificate of Incorporation