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Karamea Sports and Culture Incorporated

Minutes of public meeting held on 14th December 2011 at Karamea Bowling Club.

Meeting began at 7:35pm

Present: R Galway, K Donovan, J McNabb, HT McNabb, R Lucas, B Bjerring, D Rhind, H MacBeth, M MacBeth, E Tinomana, B Jones, J Wilkes, C Scarlett, D Straight, R Straight, P Curries, P Langford, J Roumieu.

Apologies: B Roberts, J Gibson, R Sampson, J Fox.

Minutes of last public meeting held 14th August 2009 read. Moved: B Jones, seconded: E Tinomana

Roy reported on the committee’s undertakings and progress to date. After our initial public meeting on the 20th Nov 2008, our committee have

  1. Had 117 completed surveys from individuals and house holders analysed. (over 93% of all householders at that time) Also 45 school students.
  2. Developed a vision and a brief expressed in the survey, as to what the community want and why.
  3. Held two further public meetings, one on the 16th Feb 2009(34 people attended) and the other one on 23rd July 2009 (25 people attended)
  4. Given presentations to 17 local committee groups,
  5. Analysed three different available building sites on the Domain and Dept. Education land.
  6. Employed a designer and had concept plans drawn up. Potentially this project can be built in stages and could cost over $3,000,000 to build in total
  7. Registered as a charitable incorporated society 1st Jan 2010
  8. Held our inaugural annual meeting June 9th 2011 (attended by 52 people) Membership stands at 57 and is $10 to join.
  9. Employed a professional adviser to undertake a feasibility study. (This is very close to being finished)
  10. Organised several fund-raising activities throughout the year to accumulate funds and help pay for the feasibility study. The current balance at 30/11/11 was $18,046.67
  11. For future funding leverage, it has been suggested that the community will initially need to raise at least $100,000 locally.


Karamea has a unique opportunity to build this new facility. We need a commitment from the community to come on board so that Karamea can build this facility for all of us. A building that we can all be proud of. Everybody needs to be actively involved with passion so we can collectively reach our financial targets that will be required to leverage money from... Private enterprise, The Buller District Council (WCDT allocation), Vision 2010 budgeted commitment, and The Lottery Board.

Roys report was carried.
Judene Edgar visited Karamea in November 2011. She met with Buller District Council, committee members and community sporting and cultural groups. Although this was predominantly an information gathering exercise for Judene, the feedback received emphasized that the Karamea community would need to raise $100,000 to give the community project credibility when applying for funds. There would need to be 100% support to get the project off the ground.

Kim Donovan thanked those in attendance and acknowledged the difficult time of year to hold a public meeting so close to Christmas. The amount of work already undertaken was noted. Those in attendance were asked for input on the following questions as part of ongoing community discussion: (all feedback received follows each question)

Who are the potential users?
Ultimately these users will be a source of future annual funding.
Youth, adults, older adults, visitors, local clubs (existing and future potential clubs).

What does the community want?
Has the community/and or users changed focus on what's required from what's currently being planned to build? Do we need to change, raise, or lower our sights?
Community functions, conventions, drama, music, concerts
Movies, bingo, recreation, crafts
Indoor court sports 20X30m court (basketball, volleyball, badminton, hockey, soccer etc)
Fitness/Weights/Green Prescription (Green Prescription is a primary health initiative where GP's and practice nurses write a referral for a patient to access support for increasing physical activity to assist in meeting the 'healthy lifestyle' recommendation of two and half hours of moderate physical activity a week.)
Tai Chi/Yoga/Boxing etc
Irish Dancing
Community Services- Search and Rescue, Civil Defence
Library and museum under one roof
Swimming pool incorporated or covered by same roof

Where do we want it?
Are there other available building sites in/near Karamea that need considering. Comparing costs, benefits and disadvantages to suggested sites.
Near Domain- road frontage- variety of sites
Market cross- road frontage- variety of sites
Near swimming pool

How do we fund it initially?
Community ideas for the building project fund-raising.
Community Pledge over 5 years- monthly automatic payments
Hire a professional fundraiser who would get a percentage of what they raise.
Tourist levy or Karamea alcohol tax (much like the Invercargill Licensing Trust)
Hire whitebait stands/plots and top of the bluff ransom...

How do we continue to fund it?
Community ideas for continuing running costs and maintenance after the building is built.
Special rates
Commercial rental space
Users- annual subscription/casual
Water project
Weekend music/food festival
Annual fundraisers- theatre restaurant and carnival

Note: There was some lively discussion re initial and ongoing fundraising. Some ideas mentioned in jest have potential merit. All suggestions made on the evening have been included apart from those involving illegal activity.

Meeting closed at 9:10pm

Comments (1)

Gary B Smith 02 Feb 2012

the little birdie has it (wikileaks karamea style) the "feasibility report" is completed and in the hands of select community members... when will be it be available to the community at large? preferably in digital form on this website...

cheers gary

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