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The next scheduled Karamea Public Forum is on February 4, at 2pm at the Bowling Club on Waverley Street. Public forums are intended to provide constructive dialogue with Karameans on a variety of identified topics relevant to our region. Issues and solutions are shared and discussed.
The upcoming forum will focus on the well-being and support of our elder members.

Information will be shared about: health; nutrition; exercise; transport & mobility; housing needs; independence; loneliness; health services & support; and other topics. As well, we want to hear from our community elders about their needs and perspectives. This should be a great session.

I hope that as many of our senior population as possible can be in attendance, to contribute to the discussions by sharing their own knowledge, experience and wisdom. The forum schedule includes refreshments and an open-chat session to allow all to contribute ideas and suggestions.

Invitees to this public forum include:

Bryan Jamieson Community Liaison Officer/ West Coast District Health Board
Jenny Robertson Manager/ West Coast District Health Board
Torfrida Wainwright Carelink/ West Coast District Health Board
Pam Milligan Needs Assessment and Services Coordination/Carelink/ WCDHB
Rosie McGrath West Coast District Health Board /Canterbury District Health Board

*Look elsewhere in the Chronicle for a notice about the regularly scheduled evening meeting
with West Coast District Health Board representatives here in Karamea on Feb 4.

Civil Defence Info-Evening for Karamea, Tue. Feb.2:

Reg Barrell, our district’s Civil Defence facilitator, has scheduled a public meeting on Tuesday, February 2, at 7pm at the RSA Hall. Reg will share important information and advocate for community involvement and support. Civil Defence is our ‘first support mechanism’ in the event of a major natural disaster. Find out what Civil Defence is all about for our community!

Digital Photography Competition Deadline, Mon. Feb.15:

Sponsored by the Karamea Community Arts Council. Total Prize Money $300 (1st Prize in each Category: $50) Only 3 weeks left! See the advertisement elsewhere in this Chronicle for details!

Next Karamea Community Radio Interview?:

I am still lining up the 2010 schedule so stand by and stay tuned! Also, I am looking for someone who might like to share interviewer ‘glories’ with me. If you’re interested please contact me!

Rick Lucas

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