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SPECIAL REQUEST: I want to create a map to identify where there is cell-phone reception in Karamea and Little Wanganui.

Last year a telecommunications survey was conducted here. The main results were published in the Karamea Chronicle. Regarding cell-phone coverage, a few people expressed the opinion that cell-phone coverage was un-needed. However, the large majority of opinion expressed dismay at the lack of cellular reception. The following comments are only some of the responses solicited by the survey questions regarding cell-phone usage in our region. The sentiment appears clear.

  • Be great to have good cell phone coverage
  • No cell coverage at present.
  • Cell reception in Karamea district would be good for social activities and business.
  • Simply to be able to access outside coverage especially in emergency situation
  • Can text only
  • When landline is out be good to use cell phone
  • Karamea has some of the worst cell coverage in NZ.
  • I would be able to work from Karamea a lot more if I was able to get cell phone coverage.
  • If cell phones worked here it would be a great backup if an emergency arose.
  • Cell phones are a way of life these days and important and necessary in an emergency.
  • If cell phone coverage is there good in case of Earthquake
  • Because Karamea is geographically isolated, it is very important to have a good telecommunications service.
  • We have no cell phone coverage
  • Having coverage would be so much easier than the patchy reception we now have
  • Cell phone coverage is still unsatisfactory.
  • Because I use cell phone for texting my daughters who are out of the district
  • Cell phone coverage especially in emergency.
  • I want cell coverage; it’s very frustrating to have to drive down the road to use it.
  • Can’t get coverage in house or around farm
  • Sometimes, coverage is not strong and unreliable
  • Cell phone coverage for medical/safety and boating use
  • Improved coverage would be good for our customers, also for us when our landlines aren’t working
  • Would like cell phone coverage in the district for business purposes
  • No or very poor coverage in Karamea for cell phone.

I wish that I could say that the survey results were enough to generate an improvement in cell-phone reception for those residents who desire it. Improved coverage remains an unattained goal. In the meantime I want to create a comprehensive map of our community which identifies where we CAN get cell-phone coverage. This can be critical in emergency situations, when lines are down and when contact with those outside our region is important.

To the left is a map with X’s designating well-known cell reception spots. If you know of any other, additional spots not presently on the map could you please contact me directly over the next week with that information? Your response will be an important community service. Sharing your knowledge of cellular hot-spots can make a big difference to the well-being of our community. Reach me by my contact information at the top of this page. Thanks in advance for your assistance.

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