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The first community forum for Karamea and Little Wanganui took place on Friday, Nov. 20th,
at the RSA. Attendance was good and the food was tasty! Two planned topics for discussion were the Karamea Community Website and our Flood Warning & Action System.

Regarding the community website content, the public asked about the general community information, links to other websites, current local weather and tides information, a calendar of community events, clubs and committees information, inter-activity and the ability to upload commentary as well as receive outward information. There seemed to be no major concerns
or worries from those in attendance, only a display of healthy curiosity and good ideas.

One of many good ideas was the suggestion that the website not ‘go live’ to the global Internet community until locals had a chance to preview it. This is possible by making initial access to the website by registration only. Registration, by password, would be provided to all in our community who request it. In this way people can have an ‘advanced screening’ of the website (stage 1), and follow up by submitting suggestions and comments directly through the community website.
This idea is being incorporated into the construction process. If there are further questions or suggestions please don’t hesitate to be in touch with me at the contact information, top of this page.

Flood Warning & Action staff from the district and regional councils were also on hand to explain what happens (relative to the Karamea area) when the potential for flooding develops. Our region’s alarm trigger is the water level sensor gauge (solar powered), located in the Karamea gorge.

During protracted heavy rains if a river level of 4.0m is reached on the flood hydrograph, the district’s Flood Duty Officers are alerted to go into action. They monitor rising levels and decide when Flood Action Plan procedures should proceed. If that occurs the officers phone the regional and district councils, emergency services and key community representatives in flood prone areas.
If need be, Karamea’s Civil Defense team becomes involved as well. It was explained by the Flood Duty Officers at the forum that no two flood events are ever the same and that Karamea must be prepared for such variances.

People raised concerns about the time intervals between information dissemination and warning events, saying that they were too short. Local evidence was also presented regarding how fast the rivers can actually rise during heavy rains. These items were taken on board by the Flood Officers
for consideration and analysis.  More detailed information regarding Flood Warning & Action Plans will be on the Karamea Community Website when it is completed and also in a future Chronicle.

Next Karamea Community Radio Interview:  Dec. 3, Thur., 7:30 PM

I’ll be chatting with Dave Bateman, Karamea Radio DJ-Personality and Race Relations Raconteur!  Avid Karamea Radio listeners will know the ‘Bigger than Bateman!’ Monday night music & commentary show.  Want to know more about Dave? Want to see if an American interviewer survives the encounter?!
Then tune in and find out! Thur. Dec.3, 7:30 PM  107.5 FM

Rick Lucas

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