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Karamea Area School caters for students from school entry to year 13.
KAS is an isolated, rural school with the nearest population centre of more than 5,000 approximately 100km south.  By road there is just one way in and out of Karamea.
The school is situated in beautiful surroundings near the gateway to the Kahurangi National Park.  

A history of sound financial management has resulted in the school being very well resourced, and the envy of other teachers who visit.
From 2010 the BOT, through the principal, will channel resourcing into developing modern learning environments.  This includes the fixed installation of data projectors in every classroom.  
Currently all primary classrooms have networked and internet capable computers.  A pod of 12 MAC laptops were purchased by the primary department in 2009.  This supplements the pod of 5 IMACS that the year 5-8 students can access.
The primary also make effective use of an interactive whiteboard.
The secondary access a pod of 9 Windows based computers that are also networked and internet capable.

School Roll
During the late 1970’s the school’s roll was well in excess of 200.  With a much different demographic the roll has recently hovered around the 90-100 mark.  Approximately two thirds of the students are in years 1-8.  This leaves around 30 students in the secondary part of the school.
Approximately 15% of the school roll are of Maori or Pacific Island descent.
School Organisation
The school is well staffed with just over 10 full time teaching staff and 7 support staff.
There are 4 primary classrooms. Composite classes operate in year 1/2, year 3/4, year 5/6, year 7/8
Year 9-12 are taught generally as single year classes although in some subject areas (e.g. P.E./Health) composite classes are more appropriate.

Academic Achievement
For the past four years external examination results have shown some very good results particularly in the NCEA examinations.  In 2009 KAS had a 100% pass rate for NCEA level 1.  In the junior area from years 4-8, students have obtained distinctions and credits in outside examinations such as the Australian Maths Competition, Winners of the 2007, 2008 West-a-math competition, 1st place in the Mawhera Young Writers Competition and the list goes on.  
A great deal of strategic thought is put into ensuring that physical isolation is not a barrier to learning.  The staff are always looking for opportunities to include students in learning experiences outside of the classroom, Karamea and the Buller area.
The school makes good use of the Video Conferencing equipment by delivering and receiving NCEA level courses.
A ‘world class’ outdoor education programme is offered.  By year 12 the secondary students have the opportunity to participate in the traditional Heaphy Track and Wangapeka Track camps, river and sea kayaking, caving, snow survival, leadership, outdoor pursuit and orienteering camps.

The school is well supported by a caring and proactive community.  The BOT is made up of a cross section of the local community and has put in a great deal of work to ensure that the school is on a constant cycle of improvement.  The current BOT held mid-term elections in 2008 to ensure continuity within the BOT before 2010 triennial elections.
 In 2010 a new group of parents joined the PTA and will be working to support the school in improving the physical learning environment.

There is a core of experienced teachers and a group of able young teachers presently at the school.  The experienced teachers have been at the school for at least three years.  Management of the school is devolved through the Principal to the DP Secondary and AP Primary.  The Principal, DP Secondary and AP Primary meet regularly and work together as a team.
Teachers and support staff are kept informed of all that happens at the school.

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