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muritai 05 Oct 2019

That's a great suggestion to have those website discussions posted here, for the sake of transparency, so others may view, comment or even contribute to. Not sure what you're saying about "tractability" (easy to control, influence) or maybe you meant to use "traceability" (find the source of)?  No matter; moving on.

W O W. Way Out Weird to see, a suggestion to remind others, to go to that faceless greedy corporation who earns an extra buck or two, for selling out the valuable personal information of innocent everyday people, world wide. Can't help but to call it out, and alert others to beware, before you book travel to that murky mucked up, greedy corporate page.

So, what say we advocate for, that which is truly Free, Beautifully Vibrant and there, For All KaraMeAnz To Put To Good Use, here at

Hopefully, before this post is through, the above list of tasks might be shortened by two.

 Poster ~ ~ It sure is exciting to contribute an eye catching colourful poster, specifically provided to help promote this site. Looking forward to seeing it posted out and about, enthusiastically helping to get the word out.

 Promotion ~ ~ Once KaraMeAnz are aware that is there, the site will pretty much self-promote. Those who are genuinely interested in using this website and/or contributing to, will do so naturally, simply because they choose to. In regards to any of the others, just peacefully let them be, because maybe it's just not their cup of tea, for whatever the reason might be.

Those who are already sincere about volunteering, will probably continue to do so. Take for instance, that hardy group of volunteers, who muddled through puddles and weathered a stormy damp afternoon, in order to toss words and ideas around a meeting room. The coordinated crew then gathered those thoughts together and presented them here for review.

 Coordinator ~ ~ An item which may not be needed and could easily be ticked off the list, is a cash paid coordinator (of any kind), especially in connection with, this free spirited community volunteer driven entity.

The injection of cash into the equation, will sadly erode the whole essence of this free spirited community volunteer driven entity, here at

 Roles ~ ~ Well, this post is nearly through, and I've just donated time, contributed content and volunteered my views, to help tick off tasks from this list of things to do, and all because I simply chose to. That's the whole essence of free spirited giving and sure can be lots of fun.

Hopefully, the greatest reward for volunteering your valuable time, is the satisfaction of knowing, that your ongoing positive efforts, are helping to keep this site look alive.
  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

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