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muritai 25 May 2019

The Sun and The Moon Phase Highlights

Have for a while been skimming across the top surface of this vibrant site, and now will have a go and dive to the depths deep down below.

Oh, no.  The Sun and the Moon phase highlights box must have been nudged and left slightly askew, thus allowing the month of MAY to drop onto that outer space.

Hello web technician, this puzzle's for you. Would you by chance, like to stop for a glance and check out what's happening there ?      
  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Radek 26 May 2019

Thank you for spotting that Muritai. I have increased the space for the moon phases to stay where they belong. Let me know if you notice anything else.

Nabby 10 Jun 2019

Ephemeral data: Sunrise and sunset times are an hour early. Have not checked the moon timings.

Rgds, Mat

Radek 11 Jun 2019

Thanks Mat, I will look into this. At first glance there seems to be an issue with timezone and daylight savings time.

Also, thank you for your feedback message.
I did look into providing tidal information for Karamea on the website, but so far I have not found an open source script we could use. Do let me know if you find anything.

Raramai 11 Jun 2019

Adding to the list, under ABOUT in the Newcomers Information  - the only info for Karamea is a Welcome to Karamea pamphlet that is very out of date


muritai 15 Jun 2019

Kōrero - General Discussion

Guess my glasses, magnifier and microscope should be upgraded because, with the use of all three, I still could not see a specific arrow indicating drop-down box options. It wasn't until my nose smudged on to the screen, that an option box appeared instantly.

Now it's quite clear, the squiggly line next to "Discussionv" is actually the options indicator I was searching for.

G'day Web Tech, what say you? Will you please have a close-up look to see, if this glitch of minuscule proportion, should be fixed or just let it be.

Guess now's a good time for me, to patiently wait and see.
  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~


Radek 08 Jul 2019

Although I was not able to replicate this, I see some discrepancies across different browsers displaying the category selection box so I have increased the padding. Please check again and let me know if this fixes the issue for you. Thank you.

muritai 14 Jul 2019

Looks like my time to patiently wait and see, was probably over before it even got started.

Much thanks to your positive efforts to have a close-up look and conclude, that the glitch of minuscule proportion should be fixed and not just let be; it's picture perfect as you can see.

Now, other visitors to the Discussion Topic will be able to easily navigate, the category selections box, and not be confused or lost like me.
  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~


Liz K 13 Aug 2019

New 'To Do':

Design an eye catching and clear poster /  bumper sticker for to be included as a regular feature in The Chronicle and out and about on community notice boards etc to increase visibility of website.

muritai 19 Jan 2020


Have an idea I'd like to share with everyone out there, especially those of you, who are busily preparing for the upcoming cheese competition at Little Wanganui.

I noticed that last year's competition, was posted on the Calendar Of Events and more importantly now than before, this might be a good way to go.

Especially since the front page of this website, has a banner showing upcoming events; which may as well be put to good use. This space would highlight the cheese competition in a very substantial way; placing it on display, as a reminder of that special event.

Although the Pin-Board post, may have been a quick eye-catcher, in one blink of that same eye, the event vanished off the Post-It Note. Thus, disappearing this notice from the front page, away out of sight.

When community activities are advertised (Free, by the way) on the banner of upcoming events, it definitely does refresh the website's home page, helping to keep this site look alive, in an ongoing positive way.

Would like to offer this artwork (if that'd be okay), to help promote the cheese competition, which takes place in just over three fortnights from today, at Little Wanganui.
  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

hamishmacbeth 19 Jan 2020


I like the Cheese Competition graphic and think the info should be shared or splashed around the website. I noted the date and checked it out. March 12th is a Thursday. That seemed like a funny day for that, so I have spoken to Diane tonight and she confirms that it should be Saturday 14th March. For any website advertising or promotion of the event, can we please ensure it is for Saturday 14th March?

Thanks, Hamish

Radek 20 Jan 2020

I could not change the date in the artwork so I just erased it for now and only updated the dates on the event and pinboard posts.

muritai 22 Jan 2020


Now that's one expeditious clean-up, I'll say ~~ the artwork barely poured on to this page ~~ the paint was still damp ~~ when a super sleuth with an alert sense, detected a dateline discrepancy. Then, prompt to respond with eraser in hand, the web technician took care to redact that mix-up, which was quickly cleared away. That's what I guess happened, on that whirlwind of a day.

Now this part I know; quite slow to this scene was the ItSheHeFish artist (that's me) who started that whole thing in motion. Hamish, Radek, double thanks to you, for taking the time to fact-check and clear out the mixed-up dateline.

Have a corrected image, which shows a current date for the event. Would you, by chance, once again, like to post this artwork update, to help promote the upcoming cheese competition at Little Wanganui.

With due respect to the coordinators of this event, here's a special note for you: If there is an interest to use this artwork, to add colour on your calendar advert page, maybe a comment to the web tech, could possibly get this accomplished straight away, if you would like to.
  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

muritai 05 Feb 2020


Once Upon A Long Time Ago, Haast's Eagles were the largest eagle species known to have existed, and made New Zealand their home.

Would like to offer this sketch, with hopes of drawing attention to the banner of upcoming community events, here on this website's home page.

Also, a special note to the organisers of this event, you are welcome to include this sketch, on your calendar advert page (the top right corner space).

If given the word to proceed, the web technician might even be able to facilitate the artwork move, on to that blank space, on your calendar advert page.

For me, that monument structure (unveiled on that special day), will pay homage to those gloriously beautiful Haast's eagles, that majestically soared high above the sky, Once Upon A Long Time Ago.
   ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

muritai 20 Mar 2020

20~03~20, is a sure sign (in this hemisphere) that Autumnal Equinox is here, along with that cool, crisp, chill in the air; a time of the year when daylight hours start getting shorter and afternoon shadows grow longer with each passing day. Now, on to what I specifically came here to say.

Would like to share this idea, with all of you out there and also welcome your comments, specific to this. So, without further delay, here are the details.

It's great to see these drawings were put to good use, placed on the events banner and directly linked to the calendar advertisements.

Now that the special activities are over, this artwork which helped to promote, is disconnected from those calendared events.

So, what say you, about having these two specific drawings added, each to their respective calendar advert page. This would at least show, they played a colourful role, in helping to promote those special community events.

If no comments are expressed (either for or against), then one might conclude, the general consensus is neutral and it should be all right to proceed with this idea moving forward.
 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

muritai 24 May 2020


Excited about the fantastic support from a school of extremely studious fresh~water fishes. They devour Knowledge, Facts and Ideas, as if it was their last meal; and are willing to share with me, whenever I'm hungry for such.

~ ~ An elementary search of this site, to gain Knowledge regarding any rules that might restrict the actions expressed in the post just above, fortunately reveals no such regulations exist, here on this community web.

~ ~ Factually, within 66 days (more or less) no objections from the community were posted on this forum thread, specific to "this idea".  And, since those events are long gone (have moved to the back of beyond),  it probably should be okay, to document those calendar advert pages, especially since no objections have shown, from the community.

~ ~ "This Idea" must have slowly sieved through the fine fabric of this forum thread and settled into obscurity, at the bottom edge of this list.  All it will take, are these few words to help float "this idea" to the surface.

As the Website Technician for  you must be extremely busy with all of those web request \ queries, as well as ensuring security, to thwart viruses, spammers and worms from creeping onto this lovely site.  Of this you can be sure, I appreciate the complexities you must be going through, in order to keep this site alive;  and if \ when you have a moment or two, would you please see if "this idea" is one you are able to conclude, Thank you.   ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Radek 05 Jun 2020

Sorry about the delayed reply. Making any changes to someone else's post entails the original author's consent. Also, old event posts in the calendar eventually get deleted and do not get archived.

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