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muritai 25 May 2019

The Sun and The Moon Phase Highlights

Have for a while been skimming across the top surface of this vibrant site, and now will have a go and dive to the depths deep down below.

Oh, no.  The Sun and the Moon phase highlights box must have been nudged and left slightly askew, thus allowing the month of MAY to drop onto that outer space.

Hello web technician, this puzzle's for you. Would you by chance, like to stop for a glance and check out what's happening there ?      
  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Radek 26 May 2019

Thank you for spotting that Muritai. I have increased the space for the moon phases to stay where they belong. Let me know if you notice anything else.

Nabby 10 Jun 2019

Ephemeral data: Sunrise and sunset times are an hour early. Have not checked the moon timings.

Rgds, Mat

Radek 11 Jun 2019

Thanks Mat, I will look into this. At first glance there seems to be an issue with timezone and daylight savings time.

Also, thank you for your feedback message.
I did look into providing tidal information for Karamea on the website, but so far I have not found an open source script we could use. Do let me know if you find anything.

Raramai 11 Jun 2019

Adding to the list, under ABOUT in the Newcomers Information  - the only info for Karamea is a Welcome to Karamea pamphlet that is very out of date


muritai 15 Jun 2019

Kōrero - General Discussion

Guess my glasses, magnifier and microscope should be upgraded because, with the use of all three, I still could not see a specific arrow indicating drop-down box options. It wasn't until my nose smudged on to the screen, that an option box appeared instantly.

Now it's quite clear, the squiggly line next to "Discussionv" is actually the options indicator I was searching for.

G'day Web Tech, what say you? Will you please have a close-up look to see, if this glitch of minuscule proportion, should be fixed or just let it be.

Guess now's a good time for me, to patiently wait and see.
  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~


Radek 08 Jul 2019

Although I was not able to replicate this, I see some discrepancies across different browsers displaying the category selection box so I have increased the padding. Please check again and let me know if this fixes the issue for you. Thank you.

muritai 14 Jul 2019

Looks like my time to patiently wait and see, was probably over before it even got started.

Much thanks to your positive efforts to have a close-up look and conclude, that the glitch of minuscule proportion should be fixed and not just let be; it's picture perfect as you can see.

Now, other visitors to the Discussion Topic will be able to easily navigate, the category selections box, and not be confused or lost like me.
  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~


Liz K 13 Aug 2019

New 'To Do':

Design an eye catching and clear poster /  bumper sticker for to be included as a regular feature in The Chronicle and out and about on community notice boards etc to increase visibility of website.

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