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muritai 19 Oct 2019


Positive Idea, Moved Forward, To Achieve Progress

Have an idea I'd like to share with all KaraMeAnz, especially those of you, whose positive efforts are helping to enhance the Reuse\Recycle booth.

Would like to offer a sprinkle of colour, to spruce up the Reuse\Recycle and Dump Facility directory page (the upper left corner space).

If no reasonable objections appear, all it would take in a joint effort, to move this idea forward, is a "yes" shout-out posted here, from any one of you out there.

This in turn would signal the web technician, to go ahead and proceed with the move and help bring this idea to fruition.

Various positive efforts to help keep this site look alive, are enthusiastically moving forward with each day that passes by.

So, no worries, it's not a lifetime commitment, it's just adding a colourful sketch (if that'd be okay), to enhance the Reuse\Recycle and Dump Facility directory page.
  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

Liz K 29 Oct 2019

Thanks Muritai, another splash of colour.

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